The new Thames RSA is located in the Thames Workingmens Club. All RSA members and guests are welcome to drop by and enjoy the facilities.

The Thames RSA hold a club night every Thursday. Raffles at 1700 hrs.

As is traditional at RSA's throughout the country, at 1800 hrs we dim the lights and recite the ode in respect to who have given their lives in the service of our country.


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New - Presidents Newsletter for July 2017.

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Hello to all from a very hot and dry Italy. Ever since I arrived here early in June the temperatures have been high 20’s and mid 30’s, but suffice to say the beer and wine are chilled and much cheaper.

These are now due, but before you rush in and renew your subscription, we have an alternative membership this year, and this eventuated from a suggestion by Mary at our last AGM.

This membership category is as has been the case in the past. You join The Thames Workingmen’s Club, RSA section, paying the TWMC subscription. We receive nothing of this, as it goes entirely to TWMC. This entitles you to membership of the TMWC, but unfortunately you now do not get the same entitlements as other members. If you are on the RSA Executive you are prohibited from being an executive of TWMC. If you are not on the RSA executive, then no more than two (2) RSA members may be elected to TWMC executive. You do however have all the other benefits in full. The subscription this year is $60.

For a subscription of $25, paid entirely to Thames RSA, you get an RSA membership of Thames, and receive an RSA Club card, which entitles you entry to any other RSA and affiliated club. However, your attendance at TWMC is limited, but you would certainly be able to join in 5-6 different functions, such as ANZAC Day, at the RSA. This is designed for those that wish to be support Thames RSA, but do not require full membership of the TWMC. How do I go about changing my membership status? Just pay your $25 to our secretary and we will do the rest, quite simple really.

As you all know we exist through raffles and donations. All Poppy Day money goes into a trust account and is NOT available to us for day to day use.

This year we are producing T shirts for Steampunk, and these will go on sale shortly, so check our website for full details. As well as selling these now, we will have a stall throughout steampunk.
Armistice day is our next big turnout, and next year, 2018, will be our biggest yet.

Don’t forget the luncheon on 30 July where our guest speaker is Bill Rolfe, one of our members, who has had a most interesting life in aviation in NZ.

David Sinton