From The President

Thames Workingmen's Club Special Meeting. Saturday 1st April was certainly no April Fools Day for Thames RSA members, but I am not so sure about some TWMC members, who were quite vitriolic in their campaign against the RSA. We thank all the members who came along to support us, as no effort was made from the chair to allay any unfounded fears, but instead it appeared by lack of involvement or action, to add fuel to the fire. The basic result is that if you are an RSA executive you cannot stand for TWMC committee, and a maximum of two non – committee RSA members can stand for election to TWMC committee. We must accept the decision of the majority, but I must confess to being somewhat at unease with a them and us situation having been established. There will undoubtedly be non RSA members that will attempt to capitilise on the situation, and we must be prepared for countless remarks in the beginning, but that should fade with time. I guess this is what our forebears gave their lives for – Democracy. It is important that we don't let this event take away our purpose, and we must continue on stronger and more determined. After all, TWMC is a venue for us to meet at, and it is up to us how we progress from that.

On to brighter things. Poppy Day Friday 21 st April We need as many collectors as possible, so ask your neighbours, friends, family, if they are able to give up an hour or so to help us and our Veterans. Please pass on such volunteers to the secretary. ANZAC Day Full details are on our website www.thamesrsa.co.nz

RSA Regional Meeting Sunday 21st May. Thames RSA is hosting this event, which could see as many as 100 delegates from around our Region, which stretches down to Whakatane on the east coast, Taumarunui in the south, and Raglan on the west coast. The Directors of the region meet on the Saturday in Thames, and many will be accompanied by their wives, which we will need to entertain. On Saturday night they will all gravitate towards the RSA for their night out, and we would like to have as many members as possible there. On Sunday, the full meeting takes place at 1000 and will be opened by Mayor Sandra Goudie. The meeting will conclude around 1145, followed by lunch at 12.30 and we would ask local members to come down and join in for lunch, at a cost of $20. At our meeting will be the new CEO of NZRSA Jack Steer, a retired Admiral of RNZN


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