Encouraging current and ex-service New Zealand Defence Force personnel and their dependents, including New Zealand Police, is at the heart of what we do. While honouring and remembering the past is an important part of our work, we are also firmly focused on the present and helping those who need it today.

We encourage you to get in touch with our support advisor, Perrin Newland, if you, or someone you know is seeking support. We are there to help, and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Who we support:

Past and present servicemen and women, including the NZ Police, and their dependents. We also provide help for ex-commonwealth and allied servicemen and women. You don't have to be a member of the RSA to qualify for assistance, nor do you have to have operational service. You simply have to be currently serving or ex-service personnel.

How we support:

Through a network of local District Support Advisors and government agencies based up and down the country. They are readily available to provide active local support to those in their communities. Local RSA Support can include financial support, advocacy, and family days for the loved ones of deployed personnel during their absence. The RSA can provide supportive discussions with other RSA members who have experienced the same issues.

Our Local Support Advisor:
Mr. Perrin Newland



In accordance with RNZRSA, the Thames RSA has set up its own Poppy Trust to manage the money raised by the annual Poppy Day appeal.

The Poppy Trust exists to assist returned service members and their families and the trust document is very specific in this. The trustees appointed to manage the trust are independent from the Thames RSA. If the Support Officer feels there is a case that warrants financial aid from the trust, he/she makes a formal application which is reviewed for approval by the Trustees.

No funds collected through the Poppy Day appeal are directed elsewhere or used for purposes other than those specified in the trust document.

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